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What Do Say Demonstrators on December 2017 in Iran, A Selection of Their Slogans

What Do Say Demonstrators on December 2017 in Iran, A Selection of Their Slogans

Protests in Kermanshah, Iran – 29 December 2017

An extensive uprising on the end of December 2017 spread across the Iran, in different towns and cities.

As usual, the rising leading to thousands of arrests and the deaths of more than 20 demonstrators by the regime that has the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in its previous record.

Demonstrators, especially educated youth, have had enough of the tyrannical Islamic regime and are demanding basic freedoms, work and respect. They are tired of witnessing poverty, unemployment, discrimination, public hangings, torture and executions by the government.

They are demanding a regime change.


Demonstrators on December 2017 in Iran

Against the class gap, poverty and corruption

The uprising is a manifestation of discontent at the theocratic dictator system that has failed to reform, creating economic hardship for most of the people, discriminating people by dividing in insider pure Muslim and stranger, mass unemployment, high inflation and assigning the budget to non-productive Islamic institutions.

Unemployment rate for young people, half of Iran's population, is at 40 percent. According to Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, Iran's Interior Minister, the unemployment rate in some parts of the country is over 60%.

Iran’s economy has grown since the nuclear deal thanks to resumed oil exports, although growth outside the oil sector has sagged. People do not experience any improvement in their life.

It is difficult to distinguish between economic slogans and political antiregime slogans. Working-class Iranians who want higher wages and a solution to unemployment are frustrated that the economy has been slow to grow despite the lifting of sanctions under an international nuclear deal and they demonstrate and chant:

Iran is the land of thieves, it is a unique sample in the world.

ایران شده دزدخونه، توی جهان نمونه.

We are all unemployed, we terminate you.

(The slogan is originally in Lorestanian.)

ایمه همه بیکاریم، خداتونو درآریم.

At the University unpaid labours, after educating unemployment.

در دانشگاه بیگاری، بعد از تحصیل بیکاری.

Karun River is my blood, Khuzestan Province is my soul. (In protest for too little budget for Karun River maintenance.)

کارون خونمه، خوزستان جونمه.

The callous riches are a disgrace to the nation.

مرفهین بی درد، مایه ننگ ملت.

Bread, job, freedom

نان، کار، آزادی

If embezzlement decrease, our problem will be solved.

اختلاس کم بشه، مشکل ما حل می‌شه.

We have been betrayed, the deposit has been violated.

به ما خیانت شده، نقض امانت شده.

Police, please go and arrest the thief instead

پلیس برو دزد را بگیر.

Plunder, inflation, the time of overthrowing

چپاول، گرونی، زمان سرنگونی.

People in the world should know, Iran is the land of thieves.

خلق جهان بدونه ایران شده دزدخونه

What is allowed in Iran? Robbery and oppression.

در ایران چی آزاده؟ دزدی و ستم.

Moderate government with empty promises.

دولت اعتدالی با وعده‌های خالی.

Our dajjal government have plundered our wealth. (Dajjal is the false messiah, liar, the deceiver who is an evil figure in Islamic eschatology.)

غارت نموده مال ما، این دولت دجال ما.

What is the function of our three powers? Passing and whitewashing. (Referring to executive, legislative and judicial powers in the Islamic Republic)

کار سه قومون چیه؟ پاسکاری و ماسمالیه.

The graduates are unemployed, the Muslim clerics are managers.

لیسانسه‌ها بیکارند، آخوندا راس کارند.

Death to unemployment, death to dictator!

مرگ بر بیکاری، مرگ بر دیکتاتور!

You took away our money, you got our rights, you gave our fund to thieves.

هم پول ما رو بردید هم حق ما رو خوردید، سرمایه‌های مارو به دزدها سپردید.


No to Governance of the Jurist

Protesters have not only criticized the conservatives but also the reformists. They are against all Iranian factions, i.e. Governance of the Jurist (Per: ولایت فقیه‎), Guardian Council of the Constitution (Per: شورای نگهبان قانون اساسی‎) and Approbation Supervision (Per: نظارت استصوابی‎). That’s why these protests unique and innovative.

The demonstrators don’t see President Hassan Rouhani as someone who can deliver on his extensive promises and talk. They correctly realise the economic disorder in Iran is a consequence of the Iranian Islamic political disorder.


Demonstrators on December 2017 in Iran


Even in religious cities such as Qom, Mashhad and other places, there have been consistent slogans against the Islamic Republic and Muslim clerical rule. People said no to the all Iranian Islamic government by the following slogans:

Akhoonds have some shame; release the country! (An akhoond is a Persian title for an Islamic cleric, other names for Muslim clerics include sheikh and mullah.)

آخوندها حیا کنید، مملکت رو رها کنید.

You abuse Islam like stepladder, you made people harassed.

اسلام رو پله کردید، ‌مردم رو زله کردید.

Reformists, Principlists, the story is already over. (The Principlists, Fundamentalists, Conservatives or Hardliners is the Right-wing and one of two main political camps inside Iranian government who support religious Supreme Leader and dominate the Assembly of Experts (Per. مجلس خبرگان رهبری) as well as non-elective institutions such as the Guardian Council (Per. شورای نگهبان), Islamic Consultative Assembly (Per. مجلس شورای اسلامی) and the Judiciary (Per. قوه قضائیه). The other camp is Reformists who support the president and dominate in the government.)

اصلاح طلب، اصولگرا، دیگه تمومه ماجرا.

Cannon, tank, fireworks, the mullahs must go away.

توپ، تانک، فشفشه، آخوند باید گم بشه.

We do not want the Islamic Republic, we do not want it.

جمهوری اسلامی، نمی‌خواییم نمی‌خواییم.

Khamenei have some shame; release the country! (Khamenei referring to Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei the current Religious Supreme Leader of Iran)

خامنه ای حیا کن، مملکتو رها کن.

Khamenei should know that he will soon be overthrown.

خامنه‌ای بدونه به زودی سرنگونه.

Sorry Sayyid Ali, you should get up and go now. (Sayyid Ali referring to Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei the current Religious Supreme Leader of Iran)

سید علی، ببخشید، دیگه باید بلند شید.

The slogan of every Iranian, dismiss two Larijanies. (Larijanies Referring to two brothers Ali Larijani and Sadeq Larijani. Ali Larijani is the Speaker of the Parliament of Iran and Sadeq Larijani is the head of the judicial system of Iran. Both are Principlist.)

شعار هر ایرانی، عزل دو لاریجانی.

It is mournful today. The rights of our nation are under the aba, cloak, today. (The aba is a long outer garment worn over the shoulders covering the back by Shia Muslim clerics.)

عزا عزاست امروز، حقوق ملت ما زیر عباست امروز.

The motto of every Iranian: Muslim Clerical monarchy should overthrow.

فریاد هر ایرانی: سلطنت آخوندی واژگون، واژگون

We made the revolution, what a mistake we did!

ما انقلاب کردیم، چه اشتباهی کردیم!

A disgrace to nation: Larijani and government. (The Speaker of the Parliament and the head of judicial system are two brothers named Larijani.)

مایه ننگ ملت: لاریجانی و دولت.

Down with the article of Governance of the Islamic Jurist. (The Governance of the Jurist (Per: ولایت فقیه), is a theory in Shia Islam which holds that Islam gives the Islamic jurist custodianship over people. It is clearly stated in the many article especially in the article 57 of Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The slogan referring to the article 57.)

مرگ بر اصل ولایت فقیه.

Death to the Islamic Republic.

مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی.

Death to the Muslim clerical republic

مرگ بر جمهوری آخوندی

Death to Hezbollah (Hezbollah is a Shi'a Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon which was conceived by Muslim clerics and funded by Iran. Its leaders were followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, and its forces were trained and organized by Revolutionary Guards that arrived from Iran with permission from the Syrian government, which was in occupation of Lebanon at the time. But, the Iranian demonstrators referring to the Islamic vigilantes that hardliner authorities are using to suppress the demonstrators and people in Iran. They are armed plain-clothes groups who attack and injure protesters with clubs and chains. They are the militants pledge loyalty to Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. Conservatives in the Iranian leadership always have been using hardliner Islamic groups as one of the most effective tools to suppress any challenge to their rule. They normally arrive on motorcycles, wielding knives, chains and clubs. They are young men with distinctive features such as beards and untucked shirts. Their sheer presence causes panic. They attack their opponents viciously. They are paid and organised by people close to Ali Khamenei. They are fiercely loyal to him, and see their role as defending Islamic values and the Iranian revolution. Because of their powerful connections to leader, they feel free to openly attack their opponents without any fear of prosecution. They are not like the normal police force, which is accountable for its actions. And the hardliner authorities often portray these militia forces as the true representatives of the Iranian people. But most Iranians regard them as young thugs.)

مرگ بر حزب الله

Death to Khamenei.

مرگ بر خامنه ای.

Death to the dictator! (Referring to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei)

مرگ بر دیکتاتور.

Death to Rouhani! (Hassan Rouhani is the President of Iran.)

مرگ بر روحانی.

We don’t want, we don’t want, a Muslim clerical country.

مملکت آخوندی، نمی‌خوایم نمی‌خوایم


Nonviolence Combat

Iranian people's struggle is extremely difficult. One side, a regime that for its survival ready to commit any crime, other side, the people who have no organization to express their collective nonviolence wills, their pain and desires. Social and political leaders are either murdered, forced to keep silent or emigrate. In this situation, people realized the real nature of Shia Muslim clerics as Khomeini predicted and have stated addressing Shia Muslim clerics many years ago:

Be afraid of the day that people realize what is inside you and your nature, and it will detonate. Be afraid of that day that it could be revealed you, it will be the "Day of God" – God forbid. And that day, it's not possible for us to go back to 22nd of the Bahman (The day Islamic 1979 Revolution was founded.). The issue is that people will ring the knell of all of us!

Now, it is the day that Khomeini predicted. People realize the real nature of Shia Muslim clerics and they demonstrate and chant:

The army be devoted to the nation, the nation be devoted to the army.

ارتش فدای ملت، ملت فدای ارتش

Come out my countrymen, shout your rights.

بریز بیرون هموطن، حق‌ات رو فریاد بزن.

Mobilisation Resistance Force, go away!

بسیجی برو گم شو!

Mobilisation Resistance Force and Islamic Revolutionary Guard, you are the enemy of God.

بسیجی، سپاهی، تو دشمن خدایی.

Referendum, referendum.

رفراندوم، رفراندوم.

Lorestan, Khuzestan, condolences, condolences. (Referring 4 demonstrators have been died in Dorud County in Lorestan and 2 demonstrators in Izeh County in Khuzestan)

لرستان، خوزستان، تسلیت، تسلیت.

Police! shame on you, shame on you.

نیروی انتظامی، خجالت خجالت.


For freedom

In Iran, where ruling clerics hold much of the power, protesters are frustrated that social freedoms and political openness are being suppressed by the establishment. Now, the grievances are not only unemployment, corruption and theft of public wealth, but media censorship and political freedom too.

The people clearly uttered, freedom, the unrealized dream of the brave fighters of Constitutional Revolution of Iran:

Freedom, freedom, freedom!

آزادی، آزادی، آزادی

O Iranian youth, rise, rise.

ای جوان ایرانی، بلند شو بلند شو

Iranians will die, but don’t tolerate humiliation.

ایرانی می‌میرد، ذلت نمی‌پذیرد.

Cannon, tank or fireworks have no effect any longer.

توپ، تانک، فشفشه، دیگر اثر ندارد.

Even if we die, we will not retreat.

حتی اگر بمیریم، دیگه عقب نمی‌ریم.

Students will die, but don’t tolerate humiliation.

دانشجو می‌میرد، ذلت نمی‌پذیرد.

Political prisoners should be freed

زندانی سیاسی آزاد باید گردد.

Azerbaijani people will not accept humiliation.

مردم آذربایجان ذلت نمی‌پذیرند.

Death to the dictator!

مرگ بر دیکتاتور

We will die! We will die! We will take back Iran!

می‌میریم، می‌میریم، ایران رو پس می‌گیریم

Either death or freedom

یا مرگ یا آزادی

All this army has come, they are all against the leader. (Leader referring to Ali Khamenei the current religious Supreme Leader of Iran)

این همه لشکر آمده علیه رهبر آمده.


For democracy

People denied the rule of jurisprudence and the Islamic Republic in their slogans. The broad front of the people longing democracy. As consequences of the suppression and massacre of parties, groups and political and social leaders the movement has no leader and voice.

Demonstrations are the clearest indication of the ideological bankruptcy of the Islamic Revolution – that 40 years after the revolution you’ve got people marching on the streets chanting against Islamic Republic and its leaders and in favour of the monarchy. It seems that these young people are unaware of tyranny, corruption, poverty and marginalization of the Shah's time. It seems they are ignorant of the orations of SAVAK (Per: ساواک) the secret police, which was established by Iran's Mohammad Reza Shah with the help of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli MOSSAD.

Independence, freedom, Iranian Republic.

استقلال، آزادی، جمهوری ایرانی.

O king of Iran, come back to Iran.

ای شاه ایران، برگرد به ایران.

Iran which has no king, it has no order and discipline.

ایران که شاه نداره، حساب کتاب نداره.

Iran is our homeland, Cyrus is our father. (Cyrus the Great (580 – 530 BC) was the founder of Achaemenid Empire, the first Persian Empire.)

ایران وطن ماست، کوروش پدر ماست.

Reza Shah, we beg your pardon, we beg your pardon. (Reza Shah Pahlavi 1878 – 1944 (Per: رضا شاه پهلوی‎) was the Shah of Iran from 15 December 1925 until he was forced to abdicate on 16 September 1941.)

رضا شاه، معذرت، معذرت.

Reza Shah, Rest in peace.

رضا شاه، روحت شاد.

Reza, Reza Pahlavi (Referring to Reza Pahlavi, Crown Prince of Iran (Per: رضا پهلوی‎; born 31 October 1960) is the last heir apparent to the defunct throne of the Imperial State of Iran and is the current head of the exiled House of Pahlavi.)

رضا، رضا پهلوی

The King, Rest in peace. (Referring to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi 1919 – 1980 (Per: محمدرضا پهلوی‎), was the last Shah of Iran from 16 September 1941 until his overthrow by the Iranian Revolution on 11 February 1979.)

شاهنشاه، روحت شاد

We are the children of Cyrus, we are the heart of the uprising.

فرزند کورشیم، کانون شورشیم.

The nation is begging, Mister acts as God. (Mister referring to Ali Khamenei the current religious Supreme Leader of Iran)

ملت گدائی می کنه، آقا خدایی می کنه.

Crown Prince, where are you to come to our relief? (Referring to Reza Pahlavi, Crown Prince of Iran.)

ولیعهد کجایی، به داد ما بیایی؟


Against foreign policy

Protesters are demanding to know why Iran has spent billions of dollars on foreign policy in the Middle East at a time when people are hungry, unemployed and struggling at home. Iran has sent cash, weapons and fighters to Syria, for example, and has financially supported Palestinians and the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah. Iran provides the cost of supporting and supplying more than sixty thousand Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani, Lebanese and Yemeni forces and troops in Syria and Yemen.

President Hassan Rouhani made lots of promises on improvements which he hasn’t been able to deliver. The economic results of nuclear agreement, The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Per: برنامه جامع اقدام مشترک‎, acronym: برجام), have been spent for Syrian war and exporting Islamic revolution instead improving hardship of livelihood.

Iranian people not only are dissatisfied about censorship, corruption, female inequality and unemployment, they are disappointed on Iranian foreign policy too. The fact that most of Iranian resources go to the ruling theocratic elites, wars and exporting Islamic revolution angers the protesters:

Where our money is spent? Iraq, Yemen or Syria?

پول‌های ما کجا می‌ره، عراق، یمن یا سوریه؟

Leave Syria, think about us

سوریه را رها کن، فکری به حال ما کن

We are Aryan, we do not worship Arab. (There is a strong pan Arabism and anti Aryan in the culture of Islamic Republic of Iran.)

ما آریایی هستیم، عرب نمی‌پرستیم.

No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, I sacrifice my life for Iran.

نه غزه نه لبنان جانم فدای ایران



Qasem Soleimani an Iranian senior military officer in the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution and Hadi Al-Ameri the head of the Badr Organization

Solidarity and ask for help

Iranians are looking for international support to pressure the government into making a change. Iranian outside of Iran can be demonstrator’s voice so the world can see and understand what’s happening in their country.

People do not have any organization and any voive. But they realize the need of unity and alliance and ask others for help:

Eager Iranian, support, support!

ایرانی باغیرت، حمایت، حمایت!

Women have joined us; indifferent persons do nothing.

زن‌ها به ما پیوستن، بی‌غیرتا نشستن

Workers, Students, Unite! Unite!

کارگر، دانشجو، اتحاد! اتحاد!

We do not want spectators, please join us.

ما تماشاگر نمی‌خواهیم، به ما ملحق شوید.

Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, we are all together

نترسید، نترسید ما همه با هم هستیم

Dishonest, dishonest! (In the face of government violence, address to the police, the Mobilisation Resistance Force and the Revolutionary Guards. The Mobilisation Resistance Force (Per: بسیج), is one of the five forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.)

بی شرف، بی شرف

Police! Support us, support us.

نیروی انتظامی! حمایت، حمایت.


The struggle will continue until victory

The protests have no clear objective, in part because they are leaderless and involve a crowd that is not articulate or politically active. The protesters are fed up with tyranny, discriminating, poverty and the corruption they see in the leadership


The Iranian Regime tries to crush the movement. They can keep hitting the uprising but the movement will continue and they won’t be able to completely suppress that. The problems are not solved, the authorities just denied or accused the protest was organised by counter-revolutionary elements and foreign enemy countries.


Ahad Ghorbani Dehnari







دیدگاه‌ و نظرات ابراز شده در این مطلب، نظر نویسنده بوده و لزوما سیاست یا موضع ایرانگلوبال را منعکس نمی‌کند.

احد قربانی دهناری




توجه داشته باشید کامنت‌هایی که مربوط به موضوع مطلب نباشند، منتشر نخواهند شد! 

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