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Ahad Ghorbani Dehnari
Den 13 september 2022 greps Jina (Mahsa) Amini av Irans moralpolis för att ha burit sin slöja på fel sätt. Den 16 september dog hon efter att ha legat i koma i 3 dagar. Vittnen säger att hon hade utsatts för kraftigt våld. Detta blev starten på den protestvåg som nu syns i Iran och över hela världen.
بهروز ستوده
We should note that arrest, torture and execution of native opponents and critics of the regime have been routine since the foundation of Iran’s totalitarian theocracy.

“Society of Social Democracy for Iran” urges the international community to investigate the actions of Ebrahim Raisi and to try him for gross human rights violation and the extrajudicial execution of thousands of Iranians in accordance with international standards by internationally authorized institutions.
Sapideh Hejami & Framarz Klantari
Collective Statement of Iranian Athletes and Artists
Faramarz Kalantari & Sepideh Hejami
"Another Holocaust"                                          
The Islamic Republic of Iran Towards the Holocaust of the 21st Century      
Mo Parvin
Trita Parsi, a lobbyist for the unconditional recognition of the Islamic Regime in Iran is recommended to President Biden to oversee the Middle East Affairs. Our lack of action and being involved in
Past experiences have shown that the regime of the Islamic Republic has used the international assistance, not for wellbeing and welfare of the Iranian people, but for extending and strengthening terrorism and international interference. In any and all discussions and negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, no support should be granted to the regime that may be used to develop terrorism in the region and in the world.
احد قربانی دهناری
Karlstads politiker (S, MP, L, C och V) kommer att göra ett av sina historiskt största misstag om inte rättar sig och inte stoppar moskébygget i Karlstad. Jag som själv var muslim och är välbekant med moskés funktioner tycker att utan tvivel en moské till i Karlstad medför ännu mer segregation mellan svenskar, invandrare, män och kvinnor, ökade hat mot icke muslimer, blandnings- och påtryckningsmöjligheter från muslimska stater. Det minsta Karlstad, Sverige och invandrarna behöver är moské.
Gamshadzehifar & Bani Kamal

This study investigates the ethno-religious approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It specifically examines the religious policy of the Iranian government towards its Baloch-Sunni ethno-religious minority. Based upon field work, purposive interviews, newspapers, and reports by international reputable “organizations”, it analyzes the ethno-religious policies of the Islamic Republic in the light of ‘separation’, ‘accommodation’, and ‘assimilation’ approaches.
جهانشاه رشیدیان
On 8th March 1910, Clara Zetkin, an international socialist from the German SPD proposed the Women’s Day in Copenhagen. Since then the 8th March is an occasion for celebration all over the laique or secular world. The idea was and is to promote more the right of gender equality.
In details, such an equal right must be above any patriarchal traditions left or propped up by Semitic religions.
احد قربانی دهناری
Muslimer bör framförallt lära svenska språket, lagar, värderingar och utbilda sig för att få möjligheter att jobba i Sverige inte odla religiösa konflikter. Att anpassa sig till det svenska samhället och delta i byggande och skapande i sitt nya hemland.
فرانک الماسی
What should be done to prevent such disasters? It is necessary to know that no one is behind the events, that is, the whole society is blamed for the low and high
Transparent and timely information, without any consideration, will bring people to the executive and decision-makers' confidence and reduce the level of anger and anger caused by the concealment of the story
Omid Homaee
According to Freud, it is the active part of personality who links external and internal world. He talks about superego and id ego. Superego is an ethics teacher and blames ego sometimes. Id ego is like a child who wants to respond to needs in any way.
In parallel with the protest of the Haft Tappeh workers in Susa city, the workers of the National Steel Group of Ahwaz city, rallied also, demonstrating that the injustice, the plunder, the looting of profiteers will not end only on The Haft Tappeh Sugarcane, Hepco of Arak, and the widespread section of society, but as the students of the Tehran University cried out: ‘’from Haft Tappeh to Tehran – tomorrow all of Iran’’, will participate in the general uprising against the oppression and tyranny
Tahmoures Zamani
We request the deportation of Ghasem Gharehdaghi, Sasan Gharehdaghi and Houriyeh Gharehdaghi be halted immediately. Deportation to the Islamic Republic of Iran from Denmark will result in execution and death for each person.
سمانه گرمرودی
November 25th "World Wide Women's Day". The UN General Assembly in November 1999 set the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25th.
امیرعلی متولی
Apparently, the people are against a Shia-dominated system, but the majority are happy with the condition as they are silent and have made no consistent and united protest. They go to the pilgrimages in the Iraqi deserts bare foot. On the election day, they make epic stories for those who doubt their sincerity, and whom they consider as the cause of their dark days and destruction of the country.
سید محمدحسن حسینی
After shedding light on the chronological development of language teaching methodology, the present volume endeavours to analyse the reasons as to why the present educational methods and approaches are ineffective/defective. Importantly, the book attempts to put forth my special educational solution, which has been developed based on my ‘Cognitive Socio-Political Language Learning Theory’, for tackling the above-mentioned problems as its primary goals.
Mike Pompeo the new US Secretary of State had an interview with VOA about Iran (1). The interview was conducted by Setareh Derakhshesh (2) of VOA Persian Service (3). Within a short while after the interview there was a misunderstanding within Iran's opposition as if the US Secretary of State was dictating to Iran's opposition not to seek regime change in Iran (4).
جهانشاه رشیدیان
L'origine de l'islamisme en Iran.
سید محمدحسن حسینی
In the backdrop of the horrifying circumstance THEY have brought about for my family and I in order to coerce me into stopping my penning against dictatorship and their corrupt leader, the below storm of thought provoking questions have been attacking my mind since recent years, which must be addressed by Khamenei and other major stakeholders in Iran who are on the delusion that THEY are God's own representatives.
We Iranian and non-Iranian activists, scholars, journalists, professionals, and other people opposed to the Islamist regime in Iran are writing this letter to express our appreciation for your kind and accurate Nowruz message.
جهانشاه رشیدیان
The ancient Persians thought there is a long-lasting fight between the Good (light) and Evil (darkness) that ends with the victory of Good over Evil. Nowruz is an occasion to fulfil the culmination of the Good, in a platonic sense against the Bad / Evil. The aim is to be collectively winner in this struggle.
Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has created a cyber attack group that targets Iranian activists on the Internet and their job is not limited to filtering web sites of Iranian activists blocking them in Iran
جهانشاه رشیدیان
La journée du 8 mars a créé les conditions fondées pour les femmes de progresser leur statut social. L’extension de la liberté, amélioration du concept de la démocratie, égalité et surtout la laïcité tout en reconnaissant les racines de misogynie qui sont impliquées dans les traditions patriarcales et religieuses. Ce qui explique la misogynie institutionnalisée en Iran sous le règne des Mullahs.
جهانشاه رشیدیان
Der internationale Frauentag wird im Iran mit dem Kampf von mehr Frauen und sogar Männer gegen den Kopftuch-Zwang geprägt. Der wachende Widerstand gegen das islamischen Hijab bedeutet ein Kampf gegen das islamische Regime, weil das islamische Hijab das Regime repräsentiert und bleibt der Kernpunkt dieses Kampfs; deshalb wird dieser 8. März in der Geschichte Irans als der Tag der Hijab- Ablehnung geschrieben.
جهانشاه رشیدیان
The International Women's Day (IWD) coincides the raise of popular movement in Iran in which women have an important role against the Islamic hijab. The new movement disobeys to wear hijab and women demonstratively remove their headscarf in the public. Many women and even men joined the “Girls of Revolution Street” challenging Islamic hijab by uncovering their hair. Hijab is one of the pillars of the Islamic regime or indeed the swastika of the totalitarian Islamic regime.
جهانشاه رشیدیان
Unlike many Western news organisations, the anti-regime protests of last month show that the people of Iran are determined to have a democratic and secular regime instead the one run by Mullahs. However, a collection of facts is ignored or twisted by the Western mainstream media and the political class. One may presume the Western interests are at stake not to provide the public the real facts. This Western self-service behaviour engenders more propaganda for the Islamic regime.. .
احد قربانی دهناری
Demonstrators, especially educated youth, have had enough of the tyrannical Islamic regime and are demanding basic freedoms, work and respect. They are tired of witnessing poverty, unemployment, discrimination, public hangings, torture and executions by the government.
They are demanding a regime change.
It was heartwarming that the US President Donald Trump expressed his support for this movement two days ago and hope all people and politicians regardless of their differences about Iran
In the first two decades after the end of World War II a lot was spent in basic science and results were heaped for half a century.
Popper emphasized that democracy is not about "who" rules rather it is about "how" the state rules.
The original version of these essays were written in English, but the current edition especially the Persian translations have been done during a period of 30 years
محمد احمدی زاده
These people love darkness with open arms
where feel themselves dominant

They are the epitome of dark
even if it falls down
Residents of Ahvaz, a city with a majority Arab population near the border with Iraq, had been protesting for five days in increasingly large gatherings, shown in cellphone video clips shared on social media.