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letter to Khamenei, Iran's Leader

letter to Khamenei, Iran's Leader


To Khamenei, Iran's Leader

Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini

PhD in Education


I noticed Khamenei, Iran's autocratic leader, has recently written letters to Western youth in order to invite them to take humanitarian/Islamic approaches to living! It is in such a context that I, as an Iranian young critical thinker, who have been under extreme pressure by Khamenei's intelligence service for the last two decades, wrote this article for the information of Khamenei, Western youth, next generations and human rights' watchers.

It should be reminded at the very outset of this letter that under Iranian dictatorial regime, no one dares criticize particularly our ruler as THEY (i.e. his intelligence service) keep the right for them to apply whatever stratagem to terrorize their very true personalities and even wipe them out. Once THEY deduce you as an intellectual source of critical awareness and attitudinal change who possesses a powerful mind, or as the one who has the power to show behind the facade and critically aware and awaken their possessions (i.e. people) and transform them into agents of change, THEY enclose you in their labyrinth-like satanic power system and send you through their terrifying trajectory of decline.

As an educationist, I believe that in sharp contrast with democratic and civilized societies where education system is considered as a liberating agent, in Iranian dictatorial regime, education system is, indeed, a mediational artefact for exploiting people. It is in such a mind backdrop that I am interested in liberal education: I have a zest for awakening, empowering, and emancipation of the oppressed majority. I succeeded to publish more than 100 books and articles during my 30 months stay in India, in the course of pursuing my PhD amidst a horrifying hell the Iranian Intelligence service occasioned for me. I have suggested ‘language’ as a ‘liberating agent’ in my ‘Cognitive Socio-Political Language Learning Theory’ based upon which I introduced my didactic weapon in my 13th book – a weapon for insensible overthrow of Iranian tyrannical regimes. (Watch the 17-minuteVIDEO @ https://youtu.be/cPtOUaIkJlk). Particularly since I recalibrated the critical attitude of my mind towards analysing the philosophy beyond curricula in Iran's corrupt dictatorial regime, I have been under more brutal pressure.

Striking my blows against capitalism, apartheid and dictatorship in Iran have also intensified the Iranian Intelligence service's antediluvian terrifying approaches to torturing my mind. These agents of conspiracy, corruption, and terror and bloodshed engineered my life into destruction by their intolerance, hatred, barbarity, and dirty satanic conspiracies. For many years, THEY played me a mouse with their fascist approaches and eventually arrested me on my flee to Turkey and took me to Tehran Liberty psychiatric hospital!: THEY wanted to convey the idea that I am a mad man so that no one would believe what THEY have done with me merely because of my ideology and beliefs! THEY also wanted to torture me further and through more complicated approaches there, in the psychiatric hospital!

     In the backdrop of the horrifying circumstance THEY have brought about for my family and I in order to coerce me into stopping my penning against dictatorship and their corrupt leader, the below storm of thought provoking questions have been attacking my mind since recent years, which must be addressed by Khamenei and other major stakeholders in Iran who are on the delusion that THEY are God's own representatives:


  1. Are those inferior to animals who are in the habit of violating my very personal territory and rights (e.g., through entering my apartment in my absence and doing whatsoever they wish), spying on my personal life, misusing my personal problems, and irresponsibly chasing and harassing me everywhere (e.g., through my mobile phone, internet, etc.), in order to put me in a context of anxiety the-so-called Imam Zaman's soldiers (i.e., Iranian Intelligence Agency soldiers)?!!


  1. Were those inferior to animals who threatened that THEY would cause me get cancer after I delivered a speech against Khamenei's dictatorial regime in a mosque in my hometown Imam zaman's soldiers?!


  1. Are those inferior to animals who worship and obey Khamenei – as their god - and are at the same time trying to oblige me into saying my prayers and worship Khamenei Imam zaman's soldiers?!!


  1. Were those inferior to animals who terrorized my personality with incredible barbarity by, e.g., stealing my personal diary and photos and dispatching my secret information everywhere Imam zaman's soldiers?!  


  1. Are those inferior to animals who are requiring my friends to boycott me Imam zaman's soldiers?!


  1. Are those inferior to animals who are not letting me marry (i.e., by threatening the girls who want to marry me) and, in the meantime encourage me to have illegal sexual relationship with their trained young girls and even boys Imam zaman's soldiers?! They design such dirty satanic plots against me in order to wipe out my generation and at the same time open a file for me in the court of law to enable themselves to ban my political activities!


  1. Are those inferior to animals who do not let me work in order to earn my life, making me suffer from absolute isolation and utter poverty and misery Imam zaman's soldiers?!


  1. Are those inferior to animals who made my sister marry one of their functionaries in order to torture my mind with more horrific approaches Imam zaman's soldiers?!


  1. Are those inferior to animals who have made a horrifying prison, for me, out of the school I am teaching in Imam zaman's soldiers?!


  1. Are those inferior to animals who try to transform me into a heroin addicted person Imam zaman's soldiers?!


  1. Were those inferior to animals who did not let me continue my education in Iran and left no other option for me but going to India so that THEY could find me a bare target there Imam zaman's soldiers?!  


  1. Were those inferior to animals who deterred my progress and lengthened my study for a PhD degree with their dirty plots in India (e.g. by bribing my guide to stab me in the back) Imam zaman's soldiers?!


  1. Are those inferior to animals who problemitised our daily affairs, victimized my only brother, approached my sisters, derailed the girl I was going to marry, and assassinated my sister-in-law merely in order to take revenge of me (because of my speeches, books/articles, approach to teaching, all of which are against dictatorship) Imam zaman's soldiers?!!


  1. Are those inferior to animals whose barbarity and nightmare of atrocities and dirty plots against my family and I contributed to the blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer of most of my family members and sent us into the depth of despair Imam zaman's soldiers?!


  1. Are those inferior to animals who are threatening to poison me through my food or through causing my car collapse into a valley if I do not cease shedding light on their ruler real nature Imam zaman's soldiers?!!


  1. Were those inferior to dirty animals who sent me to Tehran Liberty Psychiatric Hospital and tortured me both physically and mentally for 48 days and in the meantime sent me SMSs like the below Imame zaman's Soldiers?!?         


THEIR SMS: “Why are we the best civil engineers!?

“Because we r the only people in the world who can demolish an errection without damaging the structure.” "We obviate your family and you effectively – by all our means."!


  1. Was that dirty animal who tried to rape me at the psychiatric hospital, and in this way raped my mind Imame zaman's soldier?!?


  1. Are those animals who wreaked havoc on my life, availing themselves of all their resources, power, and influence, and at the same time are incessantly encouraging me to commit suicide Imam zaman's soldiers?!


    If the answer to these questions is 'yes', and if these persons, who are in point of actual fact in search of power and dollar bills under the mask of Islam, are really following Islam's principles and code of ethics, then my response would not be that complicated: Islam is the most vicious enemy of mankind and particularly critical thinkers. I would never remain a Muslim any more – at whatever cost. I had already decided to turn to Christianity if these dirty animals are proved Muslims, let alone Imam zaman's soldiers, albeit I know I may be tortured to death or wiped out via insensible approaches.

Yes, as long as absolute power resides, so does injustice, hypocrisy, racism, corruption, oppression, terror and bloodshed, and destruction. All I mean to say is that THEY, as Freire (1998) also put it, love controlling and exploiting people – their possessions - and in the act of such love affair, THEY kill life. They kill people like me to keep the society blind. This is a kind of insensible genocide of sustainable future builders. BUT oppressors/murderers should know that THEY will be brought to justice sooner or later.



Approaches of the Iranian Intelligence Service to Taking Revenge from Dr S.M.H.Hosseini




Dr Hosseini's CV, articles, books, etc. in his Personal Weblog




دیدگاه‌ و نظرات ابراز شده در این مطلب، نظر نویسنده بوده و لزوما سیاست یا موضع ایرانگلوبال را منعکس نمی‌کند.

سید محمدحسن حسینی




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