Living In Darkness
08.08.2017 - 23:47

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When power of the darkness takes long 

all creatures grow used to live in dark

Nobody sees anybody day by day


In this case people no longer care for darkness

bowing to its pressures

In addition to this

some people are indebted to dark

coming to love it

Even though they reveal them who long for light

but they live out all of life to be a mite of light

not to enlighten themselves or others around

All such people want to appear

as an only shinning point

inside gloomy dark

They get annoyed of other light nearby them

trying hatefully to shut it off at once

These people love darkness with open arms

where feel themselves dominant


They are the epitome of dark

even if it falls down


دیدگاه‌ و نظرات ابراز شده در این مطلب، نظر نویسنده بوده و لزوما سیاست یا موضع ایرانگلوبال را منعکس نمی‌کند.

محمد احمدی زاده

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