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The butt yelled loudly. His storm shaked the toilet lid.

He said “I must get my democratic rights”.

His best friend the bladder wanted to appease his anger:

“Calm down my friend. Your request is impossible.”

The butt shouted “zort zort” when he heard those words. All body organs shaked because of rumbling sounds. When the quake has stopped everybody started to go to the bottom where the sounds came from.

The body organs asked each other “What’s going on?” around the butt. But nobody knew anything. The stomach dangling on the bowel asked at last:

“What happened, brother? Who made you angry?”

“What happened?,  What a silly question”. I blame all of you. I am against this injustice with all power of my fart.” The butt said.

“For the hot soup's sake! Please tell us what’s wrong with you?” The stomach asked.

“I am against this system. The brain always rules us. How long this chappy bloke will stay as our superior? We must choose a new leader like they do in developed countries” the butt said.

“But there was no one in trouble until today. Everyone has been happy with everything” stomach said.

The butt said “I am not” and when the stomach asked Why, the butt replied:

“People, that's enough! You guys force me to do all your dirty work. I'm tired. I can not bear it anymore. Do you understand me? I always stay right at the bottom. This must end. Why does that smug bloke reside inside the warm skull all the time while I must sit on the cold toilet. I have skills too. I have many bright ideas that can change the world. I want to try my luck and govern the body too. Nobody knows how many pieces the chappy brain is.

But It is obvious that I am two pieces in total.

The Organs laughed annoyingly at him. The bowel’s laughing caused too much stretching that she could be divided almost in half. His friend, the bladder didn’t even refrain herself and The stones in her started to tremble because of her intense laughing.

Those laughter outraged him so much so that he could not speak anymore. The organs thought all of these were a funny joke. They went to their places and left him alone with his broken heart.

The butt lost himself in sorrows when people left him. He put his cheeks on the shoulder of toilet seat and started to boohoo. He wanted to empty his anger and grief into the toilet but a bright idea suddenly came to his mind. He talked  to himself:

“Do you laugh at me. I will fuck all of you!” Laugh now, no problem. I’ll kick your ass.”

It was midnight. All organs were in a deep sleep. Suddenly some sounds similar to thunder were heard. Everyone jumped out of bed.

The butt began to shout again. Also he did it continuously late at night. His loud sounds disturbed the organs and caused troubles to their sleep.

Next day the organs couldn’t do their job properly because of insomnia. The bladder confused pee times. The bowel did not move and accumulated all foods which the stomach couldn’t digest them completely.

News has reached the brain. He wanted the organs to calm down.

He said: “I think all these problems are temporary. Please do your duties.”

But the next day, the same things happened again. The organs were in trouble. They went up and gathered around the brain. They wanted him to improve the situation.

The brain sent immediately an envoy to the butt and ordered him to stop his shouting at nights.

The butt said: “I would shout even much worse than before if there would not be an election for a new leader. Butt’s message worried the brain. He kept in touch with the heart and then approved an election for a new leader.

A ballot box was set up soon in the center of abdomen just under the belly button and the organs lined up to vote. The votes were counted in the evening.

Everyone has voted to the brain except for one person.

The situation was the same as before again and the night shouts no longer were heard. The organs could do properly their tasks. But….

But in the third day the unconscious bowel was lied in front of the brain. The brain looked at the bowel which was swollen almost to explode and asked him:

“Oh my god. What happened to you?

The sick bowel raised hardly his head from the ground up and said weakly:

“I’m dying. I'm going to explode immediately. The butt didn’t accept the election results.

He closed the exit. The butt doesn’t let me to empty my inside. If he continues to do that I will definitely explode tomorrow. Sir, I don’t want to save myself only, all of organs will be poisoned if I explode. Find a way, please.

“Well, what does that pigheaded guy want?” The brain asked.

“Sir, he wants a second election.” The bowel answered him.

There isn’t any problem about another election. But if he couldn’t win, the second election would be useless too. He obviously wants to govern the body.

There was a chaos all around the body. All the organs including brain were terrified about the bowel’s explosion. They had no choice except giving the leadership to butt. Having stopped to shit, the butt won the election. He changed his place with brain and went up to get the skull. From that moment, shit-like thoughts were storming inside brain and thought-like shits in the bottom. All the shit have surronded the body and the organs were caked with dirt. Only the thoughts of one person could have changed the situation, but unfortunately those thoughts were dumping into toilet.


Mohammad Ahmadizade


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