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Open Letter to the UN General Assembly
23.09.2021 - 00:34

Open Letter to the UN General Assembly


The past record of the president who wants to address the UN General Assembly 


The UN General Assembly, which protects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is convening on September 21-27 in 2021. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is scheduled to address the forum.


Raisi was appointed as president of Iran, by a very small and disgraceful vote. Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, disqualified even his closest successors by the vote of the Guardian Council, allowing Raisi to easily become Iran's eighth president. 


Ebrahim Raisi is a hardliner who is under U.S. sanctions for violent repression of the people and political opponents of the Iranian regime. Do the listeners of his speech in the UN General Assembly and people in the world know about his past record?


In 1980, when Raisi was only 20 years old, he was appointed as the judge of the revolutionary court in Karaj and Hamedan. He did not have any education or experience in the field of law. He called anyone who opposed or criticized the Islamic regime; “enemy of God and the prophet” and punished them cruelly. He called the protests of millions of people against these unjust and illegal rulings, “false ads” and propaganda.


From 1985 to 1989, Raisi was the Deputy Supreme Judge in the Tehran Revolutionary Court. Raisi, along with three other members of the "Judges of Death Committee", is associated with a series of bloody political trials and executions in 1988, around the conclusion of the Iran-Iraq war. At the time he was a judge in the Tehran Revolutionary Court, he was tasked by Khomeini with the elimination of opponents of the Islamic Republic. In the summer of 1988, between June and September, thousands of political prisoners were handed over to execution squads without trial and only after a few short questions and answers. They were buried in mass graves. Some of them had even finished serving their sentences and were waiting for the news of their release.


During the public protest over the results of the 2009 presidential election, widespread repression, extensive arrests and imprisonments, torture, sexual harassments, and rape of some detainees were carried out under Raisi’s leadership.


Since 2012, he has been the Chief Judge of the Special Court for Clergy. Every cleric who opposed the heartless violence of the Islamic regime was removed from clergy, imprisoned, and punished.


 In 2016, Raisi was tapped to lead the Astan Quds Razavi Foundation, a very powerful charity and a holding company for a wide range of properties and businesses including agriculture and construction. He was directly appointed by the Supreme Leader of Iran as the head of this foundation, one of the largest economic enterprises in the Middle East. Abusing the religious feelings of the people, he exploited the income of the people's vows and pilgrimages and the income of Astan Quds Razavi and its endowments to finance the proxy wars and spreading of terrorism in the region.


After Raisi ran this economic empire for three years, Khamenei appointed him as the head of Iran’s judiciary in 2019. During his presidency of the judiciary, human rights in Iran were grossly violated. He has sentenced thousands of illegal executions, thousands of years in prison and solitary confinement, thousands of lashes for activists within political, civil, trade union, human rights, environmental, labor, women, students, teachers, lawyers, and journalists. Under Raisi’s management, obtaining forced confessions under torture, denying access to a defense counsel, keeping the prisoners totally isolated from the world, holding closed trials, severe physical and psychological torture, disappearance of activists, humiliating treatments, arbitrary detention of hundreds of opponents, human rights defenders, and members of ethnic and religious minorities- were all ordinary and commonplace.


Ignoring to investigate the complaints of the families of Ukrainian plane crash victims or those murdered in November 2009 protests, closure of several websites and messengers, arrest of several journalists, and restrictions of social freedoms are some of the cases that occurred during Ebrahim Raisi's leadership.


In October 2016, Ebrahim Raisi established the General Control Directorate of the Lawyers in the Legal Department of the Judiciary to oversee the behavior, type of clothes allowed to wear, and even the opinions of lawyers such as their loyalty and adherence to supreme leader and to the Islamic Regime. In this circular, judges are given the authority to even remove, a lawyer's license and to restrict the activities of the Central Bar Association.


Since Raisi’s appointment as the head of the judiciary in 2018, more than 500 Iranians, including those under the age of 18, have been executed. He is responsible for the Chain Murdering and numerous disappearances of political, civil, and environmental activists, torturing, harassment, assassinations, and persecutions, especially the persecution of Baha'is and Dervishes.


Raisi is one of the commanders of the suppression of the protest movements in January 2009, December 2017 and November 2019 and in murdering and execution of hundreds of people and political opponents.


As you see, the main function of Ebrahim Raisi was to massacre the people and to follow Ali Khamenei’s order and his policies. Ebrahim Raisi is guilty of many crimes against humanity. He must be investigated and tried in international courts for murdering thousands of Iranian, for crime against humanity and for numerous human rights violations. He should not be seen as a representative of the Iranian people in international venues. He should not be given a platform to spread his inhumane ideas.


“Society of Social Democracy for Iran” urges the international community to investigate the actions of Ebrahim Raisi and to try him for gross human rights violation and the extrajudicial execution of thousands of Iranians in accordance with international standards by internationally authorized institutions.


Society of Social Democracy for Iran

September 21, 2021


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