An open letter to Mr. Joe Biden, the President-Elect of the United States
22.12.2020 - 22:41

An open letter to Mr. Joe Biden, the President-Elect of the United States

Mr. President-elect Biden,

As a group of Iranian Social Democrats, we would like to congratulate you on your victory and bring to your attention some extremely important issues regarding the current and future relationship between the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran. We ask for your special attention and prompt actions about these urgent matters:

As you are well aware, the Islamic Republic of Iran has committed atrocities against the Iranian people and the people of the Middle East. For the past four decades the Islamic Republic of Iran has not hesitated to commit any crimes including massacre of tens of thousands of political prisoners, carrying-out numerous assassinations at the national, regional and international level, participating in political and financial corruption and money laundering, engaging in the repression and torture of civil society activists and abolishing basic women’s rights and human rights. These crimes have resulted in the most shameful and dark record in the contemporary history of Iran.

- Millions of Iranian people are currently held captive by the authoritarian and tyrannical regime and are subject to repression, imprisonment, torture and executions on one end and the poverty and corruption on the other.

- The Islamic Republic does not adhere to any international obligations and spends Iran's wealth and national funds on the proxy groups and spread of terrorism.

 - Due to the incompetence of the Islamic regime in managing COVID-19, and in providing medical and social support, thousands of people are dying or suffering on a daily basis.

Considering the above facts, we respectfully ask you to take the following actions:

  1. To provide moral support to the struggle of the Iranian people for freedom and justice and to isolate the regime worldwide.
  2. To continue the economic and political pressure and sanctions against this dictatorial regime. Sanctions should be deliberately focused on the regime’s resources, but should not harm the Iranian people, especially the sick and the poor.
  3. Human rights are the most important demand of the Iranian people. In any negotiations with Iranian regime, please consider human rights, the elimination of discrimination against women, and the release of all political prisoners and dual nationals as preconditions for any and all future negotiations with the Iranian regime.

Past experiences have shown that the regime of the Islamic Republic has used the international assistance, not for wellbeing and welfare of the Iranian people, but for extending and strengthening terrorism and international interference. In ​​any and all discussions and negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, no support should be granted to the regime that may be used to develop terrorism in the region and in the world. The people of Iran and the United States share common goals and interests in combating and eradicating terrorism.


We greatly appreciate your support of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom and justice and establishing a democratic government that observes Human Rights.  

Society of Social Democracy for Iran

December 20, 2020


Kamala Harris

Bernie Sanders

Nancy Pelosi

Office of the US Senate

Office of the US House of Representatives

Secretary of State of President- elect Joe Biden

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