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10.01.2019 - 22:29

Plosko collapsed

The neighbors of the neighboring country choked Ahwazi

Lake Urmia dried up, and Isfahani provided Zayandeh Rood water with memories

The …………… stayed behind the Kurdistan borders, but none of the events of the recent school in the west of Tehran blurred the tone of Iranian society.

The people of Iran have suffered all kinds of catastrophes, but the disasters are different

That's why it's not easy to miss out some things

The Tehran Moan School's event is more disastrous because of its depth and depth, but because of the fall of all the values ​​that Iranian society has been trying to preserve for centuries and centuries

Of course, this was a foreseeable event, since a red alarm of social harm has been heard from Iran many times ago.

But no one cares about that

For this reason, the repetition of such catastrophic events should not be too far-fetched

As long as it is not done correctly to remove it

Unfortunately, in many cases dealing with such events, both the law and the legislator, the law enforcers and, more importantly, the general public with violence and punishment, want to stop it from repeating it.

And, with the ignorance of reading the perpetrator, they try to clear the problem

To this end and in some way do not disassociate from the disaster, because they are both guilty and involved in their own way

At present, the shock caused by this disaster does not provide a way other than violence, and hurriedly go to the easiest way and react sharply and far from its root-look.

To this end, too, they will satisfy themselves, but do you know that such reactions can exacerbate injuries?

What should be done to prevent such disasters? It is necessary to know that no one is behind the events, that is, the whole society is blamed for the low and high

Transparent and timely information, without any consideration, will bring people to the executive and decision-makers' confidence and reduce the level of anger and anger caused by the concealment of the story. Of course, the censorship of the media also continues the disaster

Observing these behaviors, as stated, involves a lot of social harms in the response to social harm. Because violence leads to repetition of such disasters in different ways and in the form of the problem remains.

Blaming the person does not solve any problem. In general, society must believe in the catastrophe, face it, and find the solution to it. That does not cause confusion, psychological insecurity, confusion and mistakes, so the leader must find order.


دیدگاه‌ و نظرات ابراز شده در این مطلب، نظر نویسنده بوده و لزوما سیاست یا موضع ایرانگلوبال را منعکس نمی‌کند.

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