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Lobbyists' Win is Iranians' Loss

Lobbyists' Win is Iranians' Loss

Lobbyists’ Win is Iranians’ Loss

By Mo Parvin

December 28, 2020

It was so disturbing to know that a well known lobbyist, Trita Parsi, founder of NIAC, and currently vice president of Quincy Institute is recommended to President-Elect Biden to oversee Middle East affairs on the National Security Council

Millions of freedom-loving Iranians inside and outside Iran will be enraged if the United States' new President starts with a disappointing rather than promising act. If this tragedy happens, it will results in recognition of the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI) by the U.S. As I have described in detail since long time ago [2 - 5] and will briefly state in this writing, this won't stop the atomic activities of this brutal regime and its interference in the region. IRI will always be a danger to  the entire free world

I have urged Vice President-elect Harris the U.S. senators to do more research on this person before President-Elect Biden decides. Based on numerous facts and documents, it can be proved that Trita Parsi and NIAC have been lobbying for unconditional recognition of the dictatorship ruling Iran under the banner of war-peace

 I can prove the intention of the lobbyists. If I failed to do so, they have enough financial support to accuse me of lying and take me to court

The Islamic Regime and its lobbyists have been trying for years to portray the U.S. policy towards IRI as a black and white policy that seeks either military intervention or peace, meaning recognition and friendly relations with the Islamic Regime

As a human rights activist and based on what I have said in conferences, radio\TV shows, and written in many articles, I am absolutely against any foreign intervention in Iran. However, controlling the atomic activities of IRI and its role in the region's terrorist activities that have been the U.S.'s primary concern can never be achieved by ignoring the human rights violations in Iran and following the appeasing policies advocated by IRI's lobbyists. 

It is unrealistic to believe that the use of incentives can change the behavior of IRI. The idea of exporting the Islamic revolution is a fundamental part of the regime. There is an organization called Ghods' Army created by the IRI regime to pursue this goal. This organization is part of the power structure in Iran. It trains young volunteers for suicide bombings all over the world. There is also a military seminary school called Mofid School, where vulnerable young Iranians' ideological brainwashing occurs. These young recruits are given a "key" to heaven before committing their attacks 

This win-win situation for the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) can be turned into defeat if the Iranian people and their struggle for a secular democracy are not ignored. The west should realize that even if the Islamic Regime complies with all their announced terms and conditions on its atomic program and its relations with Israel and other concerns, it is still a terrorist regime that has been terrorizing Iranians for over forty years. Its recognition will increase its reputation among the terrorist groups and agents in the region, and its danger to the entire world will continu 

I realize that the determining criterion in shaping international policies is political interest. The question is whether there is a policy that would benefit both Iranians and Americans. I believe there is 

There is a policy that can help bring democracy to Iran and peace and security to the U.S. and the entire world. The freedom-loving Iranians can end the dictatorship in Iran without endangering one America. They will be empowered to do it if they witness that in their fight for democracy they face only this brutal regime and not the entire world that recognizes their enemy

I believe that the U.S. and the international community should explore a third option: a strict policy against the criminal leaders and non-violent support for a budding democratic movement. All those politicians who believe in humanity and the Americans' safety can champion this historical approach and distinguish themselves

This policy should contain certain elements to show real support for those who struggle for a secular democracy in Iran. This support should not stop at words but be manifested in specific actions, including

· Acknowledgment that most Iranians want a secular democratic regime and are against the entirety of the Islamic Regime, its constitution, and any form of religious rule in the state of Iran

· Imposing smart and targeted sanctions that would only hurt the Islamic regime and its financial institutions. Stopping the human rights violations and as a first step release of all political and human rights prisoners should be added to the conditions for removing the smart sanctions

· All events formed by the Iranian and American lobbyists to promote the Islamic Regime authorities under the disguise of cultural or educational exchange should be stopped

Based on its track record, the reality of the Islamic Regime is that the existence of this oppressive government is not only a daily danger to the lives of millions of Iranians; it is a danger to the entire world. This threat must be removed. The Iranian people can do it. They can overture this regime by civil disobedience and, by doing so; bring peace and freedom to Iran and security to the whole world 

U.S. politicians should not allow people like Trita Parsi to influence U.S. foreign policy concerning Iran in favor of IRI. I plead to all Americans to demand their politicians to stand for the Iranian people 

Thousand of freedom fighters who lost their lives during the era of IRI's terror, thousands of political prisoners, and many mass uprisings are evidence that Iranians will not accept this regime, and helping them will benefit the entire world without the need for any military intervention

The historic time for the U.S. government to celebrate is when they make a deal with the Iranians and not their abuser, the Islamic Regime in Iran

Trita Parsi has probably no chance of being approved by congress. But even his nomination is giving boosts to the activities of the lobby groups in the U.S 

Let’s hope that warning by human rights activists and organizations, and all parties' politicians help the president-elect Biden not to fall into this trap. It is time to show that human rights are more than a decorating flower on the negotiation table


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Mo (Mohammad) Parvin is an adjunct professor at the California State University and founding director of the Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran (MEHR) http://mehr.org

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